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Music & Mantra: Bhakti Yoga & Shri Krishna Govinda

Music & Mantra: Bhakti Yoga & Shri Krishna Govinda

I recently got a chance to record a few bhakti songs at the “coolest” studio in Austin, TX – Ice Cream Factory Studios! Just being in that space, surrounded by vintage instruments, and feeling the vibe of the legendary music created there was amazing!   And it was so fun to work with recording engineer/producer Matt Parmenter. Matt is like the wise wizard of sound. He was pulling out mics from the 1950’s and 60’s, tweaking knobs and pushing buttons, creating sounds that were pure magic. His love for making beautiful music filled the whole studio. Thank you Matt!

So how are Bhakti yoga and music related?

Bhakti yoga is the path of love, devotion and gratitude. It is the path and practice of seeing the divine in everything – from noticing it in our own breath, to a warm cup of morning tea, to watching the first sprouts come up in the garden. AND…it includes seeing the divine in the middle of a traffic jam, or doing the laundry!  Practicing bhakti yoga is about expanding our awareness beyond what we see to experience the deeper underlying truth, and to celebrate being alive in this moment with devotion and gratitude.

One of the most ancient, simple and joyful ways to celebrate life is to sing. When we sing we channel the vibrating energy of creation through the vibrating energy of our voice. It’s a special type of communion with divine energy. And through mantra and song we can channel different experiences of this energy – courage, compassion, wisdom, insight, inspiration, bliss… Singing also helps us find our voice in this world, literally and figuratively. And when we sing with others we connect in the most ancient and sacred of ways.  Through the sound of our hearts.

This week’s mantra is a sweet bhakti song of Krishna that wakes up our heart to experience love more fully and sweetly. It opens us to the truth that our capacity to love is unlimited – our hearts hold the expanse of the whole universe! Sing it to re-connect with the truth of who you are. 

shri krishna govinda hare murare
hey nata narayarna vasudeva

Approximate meaning:
Shri Krishna, Oh all attractive one!
Govinda, Oh pleasure of my senses!
Oh Hari, who takes away all suffering!
Murari, Oh remover of all obstacles!
Nath, Oh Master!
Oh Narayan, the resting place of all creation!
Oh Vasudeva, creator of the universe!

Approximate Translation of Terms:
Krishna = incarnation of Vishnu (divine force of universal preservation)
Govinda = name of Krishna meaning one who gives pleasure to the senses
Murare = a name of Krishna that means enemy of the demon Mura.
Natha = lord
Narayana = name of Krishna meaning “descended from Nara, the original/primordial Man”.
Vasudeva = name of Krishna; meaning “Lord/God of knowledge and abundance”.

Translation courtesy of www.uuma.org

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