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Music & Mantra: What is Mantra? …and Shiva Shambo

Music & Mantra: What is Mantra? …and Shiva Shambo

The practice of mantra includes chanting sacred sounds, syllables, or phrases that calm the mind, elevate consciousness and help us to experience spiritual truth. The word mantra comes from two Sanskrit root words

man = to think  (or “manas” = mind)
tra = tool or vehicle

So man + tra = mind tool, or mind vehicle

I love thinking of mantra as a mind tool or vehicle that can take our minds to a place openness, stillness and clarity; and when our crazy thoughts begin to settle, mantra can help us experience the deeper truth of who we are, beyond the mind.  Through the recitation of sacred sounds, we embark on a fascinating journey of Self exploration and cosmic connection using the vibration of our own voice.  And, and as George Harrison said “It just feels good man!”

Many mantras invoke a particular deity or energy, to help us on our journey, and this week’s mantra is all about Shiva.  Shiva is the divine energy of transformation – dissolving what has come to its natural end to make room for new growth and expansion.  Shiva is often called the lord of the yogis because as students of yoga, we must let go of old stories and beliefs in our journey of Self Realization.

I love chanting this mantra anytime, but for some strange reason it often comes to me while driving, and it makes traffic so much more fun!  🙂

Shiva Shiva Shambo
Mahadeva Shambo

Approximate Meaning:
Oh Shiva, the auspicious one
Great God of transformation, liberate me!

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